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Courtney Laughlin helping coach at Caps development camp



CSN Washington dot com -- -- and the locker dreadlocks would break -- hockey but why not cordoning. Courtney Locke what is it 25 year old daughter of capitals color analyst -- block -- a talented opera singer who's just as comfortable place. According -- and a four year playing career at SUNY Potsdam in New York. The past three seasons you spent as an assistant coach at her home wanna. -- Lockwood works whether father that is network academy. For some Pistons forward. She'll be attending Georgetown in the fall to get a masters in sport management like the move up in the collegiate coaching ranks spent the first two days of development camp. Assisting had a Moulds and running drills captain senator chuck normally come up provisional. This -- important. Began. Stanley connections. You know on this and be in the family connection -- non patent on grandstand feeling that they -- shines down. Just do that and do my father and I got the opportunity to come out here and to work with. Tennessee hands on what they do -- May contain costs then you're from women's level now. Talk about breaking barriers are so few female coaches in the ice hockey and especially the men's level that's something that you even think like an accomplice. I think ideally and I think especially for women just the women's sport is growing but still at the women's side. Even head coaches at the at the high end of the women's game I still predominantly man. -- I think you know especially I think. That attend the present to start to break those barriers and in the important and I think you know taking these little steps that to show men that women are just says no. I had the same skills. In in the men's and I think it's really important. -- sign out there catamounts put some things that catamounts can teach you limit your learning just in your first day here I mean I think you know. Definitely this is fast paced tempo practices. The ball quick no explanation in terms of fun I think just. Explains it doesn't just personal wins. You know with the players out there I think is something that you know every coach at any level can take away. These guys I respect him for. Everything up there. Can't respond then. Yeah I mean I think I can be a little bit more engaged. Ease my way into -- I'm looking. CSN Washington dot com.



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