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Can you depend on Laich as your second line center?



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Tue, 9 Jul 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com card terminal caps. You know they just a hole. Didn't reflect it isn't LT. -- and to be the answer to that second line center position while they better hope I just I just don't get it done and to me this feels like the move. If we have another move to make my fair with the Coyotes. Out -- long term money field. But it looking at -- college who flat definitely feeling it looks like we've been in this position before he's been that second one guy who wasn't. Hugely successful and now we're talking about a guy that played nine games last year hit point questions and this is -- got your pleasure second line center. I just don't know for the right. What the guys I know there's been a billionaire by likes them but not a lot I judge in my playoff performance is only there excellent regular season club read into that. But and watching the Blackhawks and watching the Bruins -- throughout the tournament what it was clearly obvious to me and I don't see hockey that revision yet. But I know this yet we'll have another big physical freaks around the crease where it matters most. So if you are not that kind of -- you want to muck and grind and get dirty or show -- some offensive problems which -- Like does that yes I think he's being given that Rivera with an excellent -- everybody had something going -- form but went to bright lights were the brightest beacon of your. CSN Washington dot com.

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