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Williams: If Wiz stay healthy, they're a playoff team



CSN Washington dot com as for the Wizards they haven't made a lot of big moves. But they sort of strategically filled in a lot of needs do you like the way they've constructed this team. I have a well what she'd get that big time free agent to. -- and then the way they did -- I think they're gonna be solid much more solid than last. You look at their closes games. -- -- -- -- going to go with the wall that gives them three young players and as they gain experience I I think they can present that is as good as any. Perimeter game you don't terms of their offense and they should be good defensive team too so. The only concerns I have is the age of the inside players like and Okafor Nene people like that. Can they stay healthy over the course of the season so as long as they can stay healthy I think. The way the east is this year in the NBA that's put -- possibility for that can. Well that's my next question you could throw out maybe the top four teams are so in the Eastern Conference and that sort of a jumble. Are the Wizards the way they're construct right now do you think they can make the laughs I think they can mean if you look at Boston now there and rebuilding situation. Who knows what philly's gonna be like you know when when the season starts and you know you go right down the line in the next -- never. They're there's such a volatile team you know we're. Anything can happen would that team so if they just play of the Wizards can play consistently. For an 82 game schedule and stay away from the injured sort of they had this year. Which is so important in the NBA. Then I think they can definitely sneak in here and get to be a playoff team it's just nice after all these years that a little bit I hope with the Washington Wizards for Gary Williams. Thank you very much for your time. CSN Washington dot com.



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