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Harper excited to take his hacks in the Derby



  1. Davey Johnson0:37
  2. Tampa0:35
  3. Rivers1:52
  4. Bears1:53
  5. Washington0:02, 2:25
  6. New York1:12
  7. home run derby0:05
  8. star game1:39, 2:13
Wed, 10 Jul 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Writes the start a home run derby. Did you was any question your mind that you were gonna except when you got the call about it you know I was answer. I was trying to. And think about effort and a couple days in. Receiver really wanted to do it and thunder very cool and there -- -- there right now and I -- You know there -- and then now in. You all those kind of things there and enjoy it with everybody out there it's telephones. You've only done this once in your life you were pretty young. Tampa hit a five iron from homer Davey Johnson actually. And do an award for what you remember from that and what was that experience like you know lot of fun you know a lot of guys that were there -- -- -- Myers now and you know it's it's. It's something I'm looking forward to to do it as best scenario your level and you know also in general are better. There was a good opportunity and probably the four and a this year and see how it goes and if I don't hit any you know it's OK and I just out trying to -- -- testifying and they'll play a -- so that's iron cruisers Erica. New York too much has happened to you get voted in though as a starter. I think we. Gonna be the youngest NL player ever voted in as a starter only the second national player. Are voted in as a starter what does that'll mean -- about the sport yeah I think. You know -- it's incredible -- -- haven't had a chance for that I do not just in DC but nationwide and also in Vegas. It's incredible and I really appreciate that I'm so thankful and blessed he started all star game and you know it's something that's. You know I'm very never progressing well -- you know it suits. It's something that's you know you look forward to when you're younger in. You know really do this and Rivers and the nationals in such -- Bears nation. And I'm very excited. What from the experience last year. Can help or anything the second time around having been through it now. I'm sure I have fun yesterday -- for -- haven't had a blast in the basic for us -- I got to you know. -- my first all star game -- each of his last and they'll be part of that was such a very experienced and so thankful. Going to be part of this year and him look forward to it. CSN Washington dot com.

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