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Latta impresses at Caps Development Camp



CSN Washington dot com. Then on the capital development camp continues this week and one player in particular could be calling Cutler home next season. It was the other guy and told Forsberg trade in the caps got Marty you're out. They also landed Michael Lotta who could very well earn a spot is a bottom six forward. Lot of it. Gritty two way center or put up nice numbers for nationals page AHL affiliate has racked up on the penalty minutes. -- like that Hendrick who just signed with the Predators. That leaves a spot open for grinder with the -- a lot of those he's got a chance. As a young right and the sentiment that. Similar to Hendricks I think that's I don't see him they've been down so I cannot stand there and upset stop at. It was a -- stuff like you know when he -- and -- that opens up Boston. All they ever analysis. It's nice day golfer from myself -- -- opposite he's the I guess we'll see yeah hopefully I can. That he didn't throw all those golden. CSN Washington dot com.


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