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Kovalchuk moves to Russia, any fear of Ovi too?



CSN Washington dot com. I joining us now for more perspective on this is their capitals post game -- analyst Allen Nate Allen. Basically ever since the lockout started we all kind of heard rumors that. Kovalchuk would wanna go back home so how surprised were you now here he is making the move. Well I think absolutely shocked especially today of all day and hit an occasional started the other day and all the players are we North America the guys over here go back and start training camp this burger with. And I I was in that we -- last summer quarter not -- that it had to happen. And you know the first -- it came and reminded how law Ian helped beat the hooters doubles. Why is it lucky inconvenient for the Devils and he's leaving now. Well at the couple bank it you know they have the bulk of that contract at least certainly seven million dollar on the table. But if he -- million dollars of that are you over the next five years there were independent financial herald right now they're gonna have. About ten million dollars if he'd been cap space you know I would it. -- it'll be it'll bite you for now what's going on a quicker financial but they get out of that contract in here you'll never live up to the dollar amount. But what the point you'd expect someone to you making that so it was a mutual decision because that doubles -- despite all on so you know they weren't holding them back. They -- I believe they probably wanted to -- and wanted to get out on the financial obligation and -- -- rebuilding their crop. So I think the big concern now for caps fans valid or not is that one day where you get and Twitter. Alex Ovechkin is returned to Russia is there any concern for that. Not not absolutely none whatsoever -- Chandler huge part of Washington -- beat. And he's got a different -- -- compared to Canada don't do Ovechkin dirty. It is one of the most popular if not the most popular -- and I HL the last five years. And I just can't beat him leaving a -- eat in a different guy he -- go to a different -- you want to win a championship here and I believe. That and his heart eager to ought to leave NHL thought he won the Stanley cups all. -- -- Denny earlier accomplish something good because it go with a great and B you know spoken out. With a great name picked and popped -- -- -- Stanley Cup are suburb -- Booker. And when he finally won his first cup. They don't he could all the sudden he didn't have the bit at the back of the -- What -- -- -- -- if he he couldn't -- Ernie conversation occur you LeMieux and I've met the guys on the golf course. And goat coat at all about you know winning -- Danica. How many thanks so much through time. To erupt. CSN Washington dot com.



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