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Minor leagues looking dapper after thrift shop stop



CSN Washington dot com. Everyone welcome back to the baseball show I'm Kelly talent. The orioles' single a affiliate Frederick keys middle little stop -- at Lynchburg for -- shop this week. And that's of course when things got weird. He's put on a pregame fashion show with their new discount does that even the bosses got in on. Coach Kyle Moore looking quite adapt very good check out hitting gets -- Tyson looking like he belongs in a van. Down by -- river. But it's not fair to let the coaches went special when you've got players looking at this -- Get a better look at the top contestants on there and -- shelling. Check out pitcher Jesse -- junior antifreeze and what I'm almost positive as a woman's -- So summary. And who needs a -- when you've got a -- this now that's not outfielder Brandon Webb. And our winner as voted on by the team catcher Michael Coleman. Sometimes it's just more fun in the minors and and that's gonna do it for this week's -- blog presented by yellow -- CSN Washington dot com.



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