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Who can catch Atlanta in the NL East?



  1. Michael Young0:54
  2. Chase Utley0:54
  3. Ruben Amaro0:28
  4. Metallica0:08, 2:04
  5. Braves1:15, 1:21, 1:54
  6. National League1:11
  7. Philadelphia's0:06
  8. wild card spot0:36
  9. NL east0:34, 1:20
Thu, 11 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. -- joining us now from CSN Philadelphia's former Phillies pitcher Ricky Metallica though. And Ricky the Phillies have gotten close to 500 again they are still within striking distance and local wildcard and the division lead. As you look at this team right now do you expect him to be buyers or sellers as we get close to the trade deadline. I gotta believe -- the spot the Phillies are in right now they have to be buyers I think Ruben Amaro would do anything to be buyers in this situation. As long as they stay in a playoff font whether -- for the NL east or whether B for the second wild card spot I think. The Phillies will become buyers I mean you look at a glaring need for the Phillies. I think you're seventh eighth inning guy is number one on their less the problem is who can the Phillies trade for that seventh eighth inning guy. They don't have a lot of guys in the big leagues that that will bring and that guy because the guys that are wanted are Michael Young Chase Utley. And they're gonna go to contenders contenders not gonna give you their setup guys. Just get another hitter in the lineup -- I really believe it's going to be tough for -- tomorrow. To get what he needs him what he wants but. Definitely I think the Phillies are going to be buyers as long as they stay within striking distance. As for the National League east if you had to pick one team that could potentially catching past the Braves would it be the next with a -- I really believe that the battle of the NL east is gonna come down to the Braves -- nationals. The nationals obviously a big favorite coming into this season. It seems like there offenses started to click a little bit the one guy you look at is as a guy like -- -- -- if he can get it going -- he gets on a little. -- terror here and in July and August I think I think the nationals deserves to definitely make a run they got an outstanding starting rotation obviously Strasburg -- I mean those guys can carry -- for a little bit and the biggest key I think to the nationals is the bullpen some very good bullpen. Good closer in Soriano. I just think that they could give the Braves strips come down September. With the Phillies are on the other hand I'm I'm just not so sure they're they got a lot of question marks in the bowl and I just think the nationals are stronger team right now. Ricky Metallica from CSN Philadelphia. So much for your time. CSN Washington dot com.

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