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Home Run Derby hangover for Harper and Davis?



CSN Washington dot com. Davis launches it. Good teams that have played back there way back. Compared to do it by about. So that's and Orioles will both be represented in this home run derby on Monday night city field in New York Chris Davis videos Bryce Harper. For the nationals we have seen this time and time again at the home run very a lot of fun to watch that night. For your fan of some of these guys the numbers have dropped off tremendously. After the derby day had a vision a home run derby hangover. Carlos Gonzales last seventeen in the first half just five in the second half but -- tasted pretty good the second half. No way can -- 31 we'll look at the numbers across the board Bobby Abreu dropped on the sixth David right down the six. -- mark -- -- start with view we've seen these numbers drop off not that Bryce -- having a monster season hitting home runs yet this year -- injuries. But do you think his game could be affected by each. Trying to hit home runs and I really don't and here's the reason why when Bryce Harper talked about being in a home run derby season once every single afternoon it's called batting practice. This is the way he approaches that he tries to hit the ball as hard to Kenny tries to hit. Moon shot home runs he loves putting on a show other players stop and watching. Do it I think if it's a guy who maybe has a different approach to be key in this is trying to go the other way with it. Really work on line drives or something it might be different situation Bryce Harper tries to hit home runs every single day he's made. For these things I think he can't wait to dig in there at city field and take his. -- -- -- -- the question for you Chris Davis and -- he also looks like Gallo is the quote of the beginning swing hard hit it more. When he doesn't seem like the guy who's afraid of trying to put -- -- during BP you think this will affect him in any. You know -- -- I mean he will put on a show there's no doubt he does the -- is very similar to harper I think -- guys. That you mentioned -- -- kind of pure hitters they don't make their game in terms of being true power hitter Fred Davis -- David Ortiz was a guy he's gone back to a multiple times and not any falloff. You look at. Prince Fielder has gone in and been a part of this home run derby multiple times he has and have fallen. You know -- Davis Stephen Harper definitely Davis fits in the same the same category of pure and power hitters. That that they're not changing their swing they're not trying to hit it farther although Davis may try to hit. It out of city feel he has that type of power but he's not you know he's not one of those guys where the ball just barely makes it over the fence and he has to swing harder to get -- over the -- like maybe David Wright does so I don't really think that Davis will either I think the key is just to maintain the same swing and I think I think they'll both show the discipline to do that. And it could be a little misleading because for stairs is 34 home runs in the congress taping this. He's gonna probably have some sort of a drop off I don't know if it'll necessarily be because of the home run derby. CSN Washington dot com.



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