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Why is the Nats' offense feast or famine?



  1. Jayson Werth0:59, 1:41
  2. Scott Hairston0:23
  3. Ryan Zimmerman0:58
  4. Bryce Harper0:57, 1:43
  5. Denard Span1:46
  6. Ian Desmond1:00
  7. LaRoche1:00
  8. Suzuki2:03
  9. Roche2:01
Thu, 11 Jul 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com clearly. I don't know where you get it back because they've got they're loaded but clearly this team needs to figure out how to score runs. What do they do well that's the problem because you look at who the guys are in that lineup and there isn't an obvious guy who needs to be. -- based on who their names are. They made a move for Scott Hairston. Which I think -- nice little pick up as a bench player and better guys can -- the cards fan who wants -- look at this. Offensively they have games. You think OK they got it all figured out the problem is the next night they don't do anything. Their last eleven games protectively averaging six runs. The problem. Is at five of those games you scored two runs or less so it's Easter. Him and every night for these guys and it's really frustrating them they can't figure out why this has been the case that a 24 games this year now. Where they scored one or zero runs this is the nationals lineup but Bryce Harper and Ryan Zimmerman and Jayson Werth and Adam LaRoche and Ian Desmond. It shouldn't be happening like that they just have not been able to find any kind of consistency. At the plate this -- Did you go back the last eleven games including Thursday night's game which is a loss to the Phyllis completing losing three or four games ten to 01. 885112251. I mean he. It's an anomaly but you look up and analyze we just kind of talking about this even if they made a trade for someone who. Who's coming out of the line I just look at this roster not after nine ago. How is this team not that. Yeah that's that's the problem again I'm sure you go out and I find the best that you know somebody mentioned under pensive and it's a sure it had a great except where you can put -- you have Jayson Werth in right field. You have Bryce Harper left Phillies I can take -- -- those. They love Denard Span defense and offensively hasn't been great and against right handed pitchers he's been fantastic and having got Hairston. You can sort of fill -- at times against the lefty so there's nothing there. -- don't has been great to second base Desmond has been fantastic terminal Roche have gotten hot lately Ramos and Suzuki are healthy. There's just no spot there they're gonna have to get from these guys just are more consistent basis. CSN Washington dot com.

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