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Who is the answer at the end of the Nats' rotation?



CSN Washington dot com asked for pitching -- most teams are in the major leagues including the Orioles. Are looking for that one top of the rotation guy the horse to get to you. When you need that big win the -- that is not the problem -- -- Strasburg been fantastic Jordan Zimmermann is arguably one of the top 345 best pitchers in the National League in the first half. -- Gonzales has been lights out all season long. It's that four and five you're looking for that back end of the rotation you just don't know what you mean guerra and. And such a big disparity it's pretty remarkable when you consider what they've got going on there in the rotation they're not when their number 12 or three starters. -- dollars surrounding Strasburg pitch they on based game 100 win face as a team. When these two guys or anybody else who has pitched out at number four -- five spots. 105 lost face which is just -- sound when you think about it so. That was on the DL at the moment he's gonna come back after the all star break -- hope he gets past that that issue he's finally back in the form they want him to be Herron. He looked okay in his last start he's gonna get at least a couple more but. You're in that window now with about three weeks go to the trade deadline where this is the evaluation period and both of these guys are gonna have to show them that they can be -- to. Take care of the rest away otherwise I do think Mike Rizzo is gonna look for another pitcher Matt Garza's name was out there is gonna cost a lot. But boy he -- really solidify the back of the rotation didn't get it out yet you have a match. Ours at a 45. Is certainly a loaded. In your estimation no. -- this would you make that trade you're gonna give up -- mortgage the future with this team. Is supposed to win a World Series this year and maybe in next year there that loaded. I'd make him moving go to guards if you -- yeah I think if there's -- the price isn't just ridiculously high end and the look they've got some good pieces in their farm system I know they don't wanna give up especially some young pitchers that are maybe. One year away from being this guy that we're talking about the thought the rotation but. Like you said this is a team had the highest of expectations this year. Yet it's easy to say they're going to be back there in the next 234 years at some point you gotta say hey we got to take our chance. Mike Rizzo is it got a little bit of that riverboat gambler in him if he can get a guy and the price isn't too ridiculously high he'll pay the money. It's not about salary is about what he's giving up prospects if he can pull something off for a guy like from Garza or anybody else who just reliable you know which you're gonna get back irritation. I think they do that with. CSN Washington dot com.



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