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Fri, 12 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. This season -- -- sports net central update. Think yank Dave -- through their Geico sports on central update tonight at rfk stadium DC -- -- we'll take our achievements of Mexico I know it was supposed to be a bye week for DC united but instead very busy times not only the international friendly at rfk stadium. But that's -- DC united citing three players acquired from Toronto FC a for a lower Silva also midfielder -- jeopardy acquired former club in Germany. And an eighteen year old player developed in DC United's academy. Talking about Paula -- was signed on Wednesday at eighteen year old -- you're homegrown player contract. After spending the past four years in this team's youth academy played one season. At Wake Forest Marten also represented the US said national team abuse levels most recently with the under twenty team in June. It means a lot I mean. Working for four years for the goal on -- tour pro and finally having an. Happens it is amazing so I'm really excited about the biggest adjustment. I -- gonna be like every day on just playing your best and just being sharp at every single touch and try to focus on. Never lose -- ball which Chinatown count on how many times and make mistakes up. Too -- sharp at all times. What would -- homegrown talent been around since 2008 allows -- soccer teams to sign local players directly from the development academies. So the main roster Martin becomes the sixth player in united history of course you -- for the players like bill would beat him blind -- group from from the academy. And the DC area. I'm whether young players will be on display tonight battled through it -- Comcast sports censored here -- I've Dave Johnson for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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