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How have the Wizards improved this off-season?



CSN Washington dot com. -- yeah those three pieces you'd done a -- free agency you draft out of you also to Glen Rice junior in the second round. Give me a sense of how these five guys can help with the court majority have in the locker room. All -- personal players who want to -- players that are personal record multiple positions who are your children obviously guys and score a little bit but. But overall they can fit into what we're trying to do now for the hardworking. Team type of atmosphere that was trying to clear it. Yeah and most teams that they don't Steve pat they try to get better and clearly there's some other teams and indicated that figured out they listen. We're tired of in and I were trying to identify some pieces to be Felix you always have to stand in the game in terms of creation like discuss other teams also trying to get better. Tough course -- very competitive situations so you have to do what you can do you know we have a lot of change last summer also we had a sixteen players this roster last year. And -- six players remain they'll prefer reason Webster. Drafters. -- review wherever you prize last year. And when we're together we're healthy we're very effective ballclub we put some on some very good basketball. And obviously -- -- a very important issue moving forward -- continuity is also important so now that we have. Good nucleus of players we need to some additions of course what we've had a three or four players to that nucleus. And though hopefully. We fill the spot so we needed to fill in the team comes together so we're excited about getting to train trip. So you've given Randy team of fourteen you've got an open roster spot now I guess Steve. Next piece of businesses John Wall. Yes -- we said all along that we want Johnson for this organization long term we've let him and his agent know that we wanna talk about his future in. Hopefully we will get that done. CSN Washington dot com.



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