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CSN Washington dot com does this is the first summer school session if you will for the Washington was an opportunity to see. That class of 2012. As well as the class of 2011. With Singleton Vesely. Let's start with Otto Porter guys give me your assessment authority started strong at a lot of confidence he seemed very comfortable to me fill -- -- those 21 outside shots. He made them so while you. You get much playing time late. I thought it was pretty comfortable in their offers yeah I mean yeah obviously you'd like to shoot the thing that could go up and I think they'll have a that the way that you wanna see is the process of development. He's mine he's learned in the office. You've got to live -- he's going to get a shot where he can't improvise well yes the state. With the program. So. We'll watch football team. What kind of -- vision has four. They started shooting guard which. Absolutely and you guys both talked about during the game broadcast of late game situations it might not be so much about wins and losses it's about. Learning this time of the year. When you look at what he did though was that he might not stop the ball well but he was filling the stat sheet -- he was rebounding passing setting screens. Doing those other things that you need to do when you're on a team like Washington that had some veterans -- some -- where he's just really try to find his way right now. There I think he's looking comfortable doing that like I said. Each game is going to be a learning process and you've what you wanna do now is -- Oki comes back tomorrow going OK I can run this play now I can improvise I have isolation that I want I can take -- -- I can do this to do that. So. I'll watch NC you know what he does tomorrow as well. I mean I think it away it showed the faith that the Wizards having him they know he's a Smart guy they know he knows the game of basketball and they're confident given the ball early. That's what they're gonna need because he fills a big role on this team. Meanwhile the second round pick Glen Rice junior they picked him 35 Philadelphia 76ers made the trade with the Wizards they gave up third to second round assets. This is a guy we talk about your game and even before. -- -- He is not afraid to shoot the basketball. You -- like -- players it doesn't you have to do. They make goodness you've got to have confidence that every shot until the end. Is gonna go down this we'll -- out the light of that in trenches and that's when you pulled down give -- hope they go by the man -- that is very explosive he shows that. Was there. But again just like instead -- Bob -- you wanna see how these guys. Make the -- the next game okay we're we're getting more. Call from what our office we know how to -- the floor. When and where we can attack proposals -- eight points a couple of three pointers Chris Singleton had a pretty big -- course they're counting on him but he led the way -- -- thirteen today and. We are talking about the class of 2011 for the Wizards also you obviously is a guy who early in the first quarter hit a couple of jump shot. We have some of the potential hot potato thing he was working with last year would you guess he got a vessel in singletary for I think for him Chris it's all about confidence he's got to pick things up this year he finished on a low note last year. The shooting. Wasn't really there the whole season even -- free throw shooting dropped off he's got to come back and play with some confidence if he's gonna have anything to do this year. I mean he has to show aggressiveness in the serve is putting -- -- -- -- to use his basketball savvy because I think he knows the game well. Wind and where to make those apparently the big question for him is with regard to the shooting. Will it improve I mean has it improved I know he's worked hard at it but it's hard to it's hard to figure because you look at this technique is technique is not that bad. Right but he had games last year where he shot the ball and didn't and wasn't anywhere near the rim there but that wasn't the case early on today so you hope that -- hard work that he's done is paying off well the first game is in the books and tomorrow we get to see another one of these juniors Michael and Tim Hardaway junior -- -- villain role in this league when these guys have sons that are playing in the National Basketball Association. For Phil should there. Steve -- chance an event you. CSN Washington dot com.



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