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Sat, 13 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. I do love the game of football what more importantly I really care about -- -- being around kids we have a tremendous passion for this game of football we love it it's been my whole life. We're nearly forty years bill McGregor and fifth coach he had been associated with the game of football. Both built successful programs that the math prize double and Gilman and bolts of and along the way made the respective programs attractive for college coaches looking for rising star. After retiring from demand in 2011. But record joined forces with coaching on a new venture. They both -- for a way to stay associated with the game while streamlining the recruiting process. Because coach and I always wanted to do something. Field house in terms of helping young men get into college beside a couple of with this you know about recruiting sites signing day. Welcome deciding to. With this cyber world beat the great guy a new creation it's a one stop shop for high school recruiters that -- the world of Twitter and face. I want this to be a place where the players. People would care about them both coaches. Have a voice is gonna be be complete football website -- it's gonna hit. We're we're here we're we're looking to help. Not just a few kids maybe just a few 100000. Young men to be able to -- between vintage -- looks -- Players poster video get raided and communicate with the coaches in hopes of landing a scholarship we do feel -- so we wanna see yourself. We we will look at highlight film were -- one game has. And we do it by position. Every one that evaluates our kids either played. College football for coach college football this kind of a platform way you coach to think Obama school yet. You've seen by all these different coaches and they've been like what they see they're gonna come see me no matter where. And this brand has taken off major colleges from across the country the big twelve ACC pac twelve and SEC. Are sold on this new wave of recruiting. So we decided to go to -- -- if Alabama for the faithful if you say we then went for the Big Ten Ohio State Michigan owned. We then went out west to see how would play out there. Southern cal Washington. Now. And Oregon home side. And so what's happened since -- -- smoke. Everybody's. It's also attracted the pop Warner and grassroots levels of the sport and sparked the interest of the NFL -- Signing day in in the -- it started a formal relationship where we're gonna work together to make sure the members of signing day. Dot com. Their members understand exactly the transitions in the recruiting process. Making sure that they're members' kids. Access to fool players who have gone through almost transitions from high school to college. In college and pro that -- had that opportunity experiences signing day and know exactly what that feels like and what -- mean the CSN Washington dot com.