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Nationals, Orioles well represented at All-Star game



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Sun, 14 Jul 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com -- Midsummer Classic is upon us and has the American and National League all stars take the field. There will be no shortage of familiar faces the Orioles and nationals are sending seven players to the Big Apple including four stars. Those honors go to first baseman Chris Davis who was crushed his way into his first all star game with a ridiculous 37 home runs thus far this season. You know there's some good baseball being played in Baltimore and you know effect that we have a number guy's going to -- officer game again this year just shows that -- -- we're doing something right. Bryce Harper gets his first all star start and second appearance despite missing 37 games in the first half. He's like thirteen homers and has an impressive point 8930. PS. Yes it's incredible and I really appreciate that I'm so thankful and blessed he started all star game and -- know it's something that's. You know I'm very never progressed in my life. Adam Jones gets the start the outfield in his third all star game. He brings his 117. Hits on the season including nineteen homers. And as usual gold glove caliber worked in the outfield in baseball certainly recognize Orioles as a as a franchise that's coming back from some very good town through. And J. J. Hardy gets the nod at short with 91 hits including sixteen round trippers party makes his second all star appearance his first as a nor. That's awesome curve for all the guys on this team animator. And -- shows that the fans are. Now showing their support the all star reserves include Jordan Zimmermann went twelve wins for the nationals while eleven when Chris Tillman and the young third baseman Manny Machado whose ripping into the record books for -- -- the individual numbers though impressive. Don't tell the whole story of the season so far both teams are engaged in hotly contested division race. The nationals trail the Braves by six and a half games the Orioles are still five back to the Red Sox who lead the league in wins. That's pitching staff ranks in the top five an ERA but the run support has been -- as the offense ranks 47 in runs school. The Orioles are just the opposite. Leading the league in team home runs with 132. And ranking third in the majors in hits and runs. The o's bats have been white hot this year but the pitching staff has not. Ranking in the bottom five in team ERA and opponents' batting average. CSN Washington dot com.

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