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Zuckerman: Nats "disappointment" in first half



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Sun, 14 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Any measurement that have to consider at disperse captaincy and the disappointment and the team. Came into -- he didn't believe in court not only win the World Series but he among the best teams in baseball regular season again. -- just haven't been able to find their through struggles and not hitting consistently. Pitching has been great at times shaky at others defense hasn't been so great. Clearly team that under performing now. Who won silver lining to it all they've managed to hover around 500 they haven't caught many long losing streaks in the Braves. Haven't gone very long winning streak so they're keeping it within striking distance be in the NL east so -- kind -- get it together. But if I had a great first captaincy for the nationals it's at best seat. Hope would be now that they've got to play eight ball or even eight plus baseball -- way it's gonna reach OC. CSN Washington dot com.

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