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Bryce Harper on the Home Run Derby: 'It was unbelievable'


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Tue, 16 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Now I came offense that's kind of nice that or maybe twelve you know he you're swinging the -- at first and second. Ramirez and trying and so. There is pretty incredible watch movies so strongly. It's incredible Iowa win and that's. That series might go out there so. Question and how excited are you satisfied that I was pretty incredible negotiators moments him and have him -- me. In such. You know great atmosphere Clemson. And if you are here night and -- just my family. Parents it's a lot of fun and you know so -- -- it and you know I I got on my -- someone's hurt. And he's done for me. And Emerson now -- big piece on me. And I love them -- this world. CSN Washington dot com.

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