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Chris Miller the 5 tool baseball player?



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Tue, 16 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com hi I'm Steve we'll find CEO and founder of the baseball factory here in Columbia Marilyn. We're proud to say we had eleven Major League all stars. In the Midsummer Classic will get it may take Chris Miller to the pressure cooker and our game time pressure Latino as a kid to be honest with you. Channel home here. At five tool talent this guy as is 111000 be the next Dwight Gooden but guess what happened. I ended up being a sportscaster. And -- Snyder on the athletic development coordinator here at the baseball -- the first progression that we do with Chris was our balance -- progression. How would that we're just trying to get him to feel the sensation down spun the ball that's what I using to score a little bit and being able to maintain now. Yeah I -- realizing how walked in here today I was gonna be the next Dominique -- on the balance -- my name is Jim gambler. I'm senior vice president of baseball operations for baseball factory. First thing we put we put Chris through pretty advanced. Stage here and at the factory development institute. -- we had him in our game time pressure simulation room please. About you your watching the game you see a guy just digging in hughes' arms up and I never really understood why did you have to have balance but. I figured out pretty quickly that if you don't have balance you're gonna fail. He's been rated vision and athletic position is Murton I'm maintaining all the things we had our work songs and a but and it's also working through dealing with the -- -- that are going on and into the glad that when you're -- any game. He noticed says -- before and start doing division stuff to my glasses off. Community you don't know on the line as a met without him. Then we simply have him call out pitch curveball outside and during batting practice we worked on bunting. Ready for a little work it here and worked on -- Hall of -- that you can do. The big league game -- rather than taking batting practice we actually took command and and he hit live off of it's going through all those steps. It prepared me better for once I was the one in front of them live pitching others politicians and have my best interest at heart. I mean probably and -- of these home floor but that's fine might be a basketball guy. But I did learn that it's all about the process of new. Digging in and get that he would often guy with a plus the ninety mile an hour fastball. It's not easy. I recommend everyone out there if you wanna learn the proper way to hit a baseball yeah. Coming to baseball factory here in Columbia Maryland. CSN Washington dot com.

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