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Final All-Star Game bittersweet for Davey Johnson



CSN Washington dot com. This is a guy -- sports net central update. I invited personally here for CSN Washington dot com. Davey Johnson has made it clear that this indeed will be his final season managing. In the big leagues as a player he appeared in four All Star Games and now returns to the Mets home feel where he managed New York. Today at 1986. World Series title today. He spoke with our mark Zuckerman about the -- first half an all star outfielder Bryce Harper. Everybody's a little disappointed in our place of -- -- I'm not I feel like we're primed to have a very good second half. You know talking about history I don't live too much in the past I don't get to -- in the future it's. I'm enjoying this moment more than anything in. I'll get back to business on Thursday but this is -- You have many have words for rights to Corey goes out and start his first all star game. You know as does not need to tell him except you know just having fun and yeah he's given he loves this kind of stage and you'll have fun. The surprise of all how we did last night I don't know and I know. I'm talking about -- coaching job to consider how you feel that you those stories that you have a sort. I don't think he realized how much effort you got to put in that contest. -- swings and taking everybody that I've talked to them censorship coaching -- just raving about how that's the average that's he's got. Nobody gets to see it every day and now difference here to Comcast forces studios I'm Chris Miller. For CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.



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