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How should the Redskins prep before training camp?



CSN Washington dot com. Or -- we've been waiting for a while training camp starts next week it's almost here. If you're a player and you're getting ready for camp. What are your final preparations what is your mindset going what you wanna get away from the game he would get away from all the work out some and you put in three and a half months of intense labor. It takes tasteful and feet. You know when you -- -- thought they got to stay -- into an issue for the most part you wanna get a lot of massage. You wanna stretch maybe some swimming that's upon what I thought it was -- base -- clean yourself out. And chill out and which you don't wanna do. Is -- relate get your rest you gotta get some rest. And you're thinking about what's to come hydration is so important because your -- going to about two and a half three weeks. -- the most intense training you can imagine jinx it takes at all when you see you wanna be mentally. Clean there's no -- -- involved in this. You wanna stay home do the honey do the married guys that quality horse they got it done before they leave the wife and kids for three weeks so you Pena told at home. In the get a chance to blog join the team makes a real serene time. But you can't wait to get in there especially when you know you have a good football team. What when you know you've got some some beast on your side. You just wanna get out and prove how good you could be we're gonna get ready for training camp also talking college football and a whole lot more that's coming up at 1030 on sports talk lot. CSN Washington dot com.



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