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DC United prepares for match against the Fire



CSN Washington dot com. This season guys who knows what's essential updates. Hey everybody Julie Donaldson for CSN Washington dot com. There are several occupations were working outside in the extreme heat is uncomfortable and even dangerous. A pro soccer player is one of them DC united went through a ninety minute practice today and it was not pleasant. The team is preparing for Saturday's match in Chicago against the fire the players and the preparation. Well it's necessary. For sure I mean. Usually the teams that are in this sort climate and day in and day out in the summer. -- is set for a little bit of an advantage -- are used to it you know how to prepare ourselves as far as hydration. It can definitely an advantage. He's got to be focused. No matter. What kind of weather getting out we played in snow against New York so. Whatever mother nature brings CU. BS tenant deal with that. Right that's -- from here in the Comcast sports net studios I'm Julie Donaldson preseason Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.



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