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Injured DCU players return but face the heat



CSN Washington dot com. This season -- to a sports net central update. But -- Dave Johnson revered Geico sports that -- central update and let's talk a little soccer right now already. On towards the United States Chelsea NAS -- -- of the world's biggest soccer clubs. You know they're looking for one more game before heading back to Europe so the two will play each other and will be here August 10. At our case they're course that's over DC united were back to work right now getting ready for a road test. You see that it will be in Chicago on Saturday on the daily all out the last three games an ankle injury is back trading with the team so it was -- they retired been slowed by ailing -- Another midfielder Kyle Porter has returned from playing for Canada in the gold cup but boy it's a tough -- to return to work as a soccer player of the black and red out -- -- out there. And on game. Fair -- mean. They're usually the teams that are in this sort climate and day in day out in the summer. -- is set for a little bit of an advantage -- are used to it you know how to prepare ourselves as far as hydration. It can definitely an advantage. He's got to be focused. No matter. What kind of whether you're getting out we played in snow against New York so. Whatever mother nature brings CU. BS tenant deal with that. Battled door from here in the Comcast sports -- -- I'm Dave Johnson for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.



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