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Eyes on Richmond: How healthy is RG3?



CSN Washington dot com. All right there's a lot of questions going down to Richmond for the Redskins opened training camp but there's one question that stands out way above the rest. I'm here JP Finley with the CSN Washington Redskins team rich stammer tar heel this year and it's time to break down the most famous in America. Fargo this year how healthy is Robert Griffin the third. You know I I made that for a number of months there we are hearing from doctors were and team officials. Unnamed team officials from Robert Griffin the third it's kind of been quiet follow on that front in recent weeks. The one report that does stand out -- we heard that Robert Griffin the third has been smashing. Every test the Redskins have put in front of them -- truth guys is gonna come out on the 24 when he goes down for his physical Richmond. Our doctor James Andrews going to be here the entire medical staff is gonna be there and you know what if he's if he's able to pass all the stats in his cleared. I mean I think there's a decent chance he's gonna be on the field for on for the first day of practice but you I've talked to a number of experts who -- been seen RG three and they all tell me that if if they if they were his his caregiver is doctor they would sit on him for another two or three weeks just to make sure because this -- the severity of the injury it was a ACL revision -- -- second time in LCL and meniscus all that put together means it's gotten a little bit longer afford to heal so. I think fans might feel disappointed the RG might -- this point of the documents and hopefully. Yep yeah and -- nearly a total reconstruction of that -- so there's there's going to be some questions there. It's funny -- said smashing. I remember rich Taylor wrote a story on CSN Washington dot com maybe last week that that exceeding expectations. So there were kind of managing what -- we use to describe her. We're running out of them there at that more than ran out right. And only talk about Indian so many ways. But -- rich you tell us should skins fans expect. RG three to make it -- through the whole season healthy. Well. It if he doesn't make it through you know they've led from couple different things here doesn't make it through the season because his knew he wasn't ready. I don't I don't think that's that's gonna happen I think that it will be as ready as can be. Now. He's playing quarterback in the National Football League. The offensive line did not all the sudden morphed into the 1991 hogs for. You know he is gonna get knocked around a little bit. Who wouldn't it would not surprise me at all to make me miss the game because of a concussion and maybe you know gotten the anger I got to shoulder banged up a little bit you know something along those lines. But if he doesn't miss a game I doubt it will be because of any issues -- -- the me. So you're saying it's the NFL people get hurt it could happen but the knee should be in good sick but I tell you what every time he. He has hit every time he rubs any thing every time me scratch my learning -- Twitter -- gimmicks road right every -- much doubt you'll be doing gifts of it left and right so yeah but you know I think he's he's. If the doctor put him out there he'll be as healthy as you can. A cut well so far everything looks good with Griffin he's he's looked great in mini camp and in during OTA days. Only time's gonna tell with a knee injury. Tar heel this year rich Taylor on JP Finley say it was CSN Washington dot com for all your Redskins training camp coach. CSN Washington dot com.



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