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Will the Redskins offense be tweaked this season?



CSN Washington dot com and -- Redskins insider target publisher joins us now -- yesterday we talked about when he -- a 22 residents players returning and we all of -- like Mike Shanahan likes competition. At position battles what ones can we expect to see as we head into training camp. You know I think the two they're gonna keep an eye on throughout training camp and even into the pre season are going to be a running back in at safety and we all know Al for Morse is going to be demand. Behind Robert Griffin the third carrying the ball. But you know what with RG three's injury I don't think he's gonna carry the ball 120 times what you did last year so there will be looking for another player to come in and kind of pick up the slack a little bit. Highs are going to be Evan -- -- going to be Roy Alou physically when the two kids they drafted -- Jamison or Chris Thompson. That's all those kind of things that are going to be sorted out hard during training camp. You just touched on that right there but let's say RG three is healthy and he's gonna be back. This is typically a run first often split given that they want to probably protect him moving forward. Did and the fact that other teams will now have been able to receiver RG three is capable of nobody has the injury be able to see what their game play and as a we'll shake hands adjust their offensive plan you know I. I don't think there's any wholesale changes but I do think -- receive some tweaks. I I I do think that they're gonna have to. I do some things take some pressure off Robert Griffin the third. I you know last year they ranked thirtieth in pass attempts. I think years -- balances -- between running and passing you know you're not gonna see them creep up into the top five I -- RG -- got a great arm. But that's just not their game when there are gonna mess what worked last year. I mean the -- of RG three. You've written off the field -- still going to be there I think you're gonna see more passes. Sorry and what. Also we should look forward to the fans that aren't gonna be making the trip don't arrangement. For training -- -- you -- -- there I -- you know you're gonna wanna look at the other players who were coming -- either injuries or surgeries. Brian Orakpo Fred Davis Brandon -- and both Josh is Morgan in Wilson on there a number of players this team really really relies -- but -- -- so huge portion -- all of the offseason program and you know whether the Redskins are -- how much success they have hoosiers can depend on the health of those players it would be great to have the ball back I think it very -- -- -- -- we appreciate it. CSN Washington dot com.



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