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Who is the Nats' 1st-half MVP?



  1. Davey Johnson1:59
  2. Bryce Harper1:41
  3. Danny Haren0:55
  4. Ian Desmond0:16
  5. Jordan Zimmermann0:16
  6. Mike Rizzo2:36
  7. minor tweak2:39
  8. Achilles heel1:30
  9. pitching staff2:29
  10. trade deadline2:15
Thu, 18 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com team. -- for more on the national joining us now for nationals insider mark Zuckerman. Mark is obviously did a very disappointing first half of the season. I kinda had a feeling it's gonna be between either Ian Desmond and Jordan Zimmermann but who is your first half MVP for the -- Yeah I'm as good as Zimmerman has been out there and deserving of the all star pick. I don't take Desmond here just because we played every single day for them. And has been Iraq for them at shortstop at times when other guys a lot of or hurt or not producing. He's been there he went through long. A stretch where he had committed air you know really stepped up his game as one of the very best shortstop in baseball and a leader -- he's he's got her step and -- On the flip side again I think got a pretty good idea who this is going to be who is your least valuable that. Well he proudly admitted himself that Danny Haren when you consider. How he came to this team the money they gave them what they were expecting out of him he hasn't come close. The living up to it like a city but his harshest critics you which is. He performed better is gonna get another shot here and he came back from the DL had a couple strong starts. And hoping that he can actually salvage this and -- something big and I think you'd think he'd the second half minutes each pitched anywhere close to what they expected. That could change in dynamic -- rotation. -- -- He's certainly been a dependable pitcher throughout his career I think he has a shot at least a turn around obviously hitting has been a huge huge Achilles heel his first half of the season they just can't score Iran's. What gives you hope that things won't change now as they make this pennant drive. Well number one is the fact that they're finally healthy you know they have Bryce Harper back they have Wilson Ramos back. And maybe you know it was about April 15 was the -- I'm they had their entire starting eight out there on a daily basis. Just as they come back. The lineup has been more productive and hasn't been consistent that's still has been that they need to get. Maybe somebody might have tweaked the Davey Johnson has tried we'll do that but if they can just stay healthy. There's enough talent there one straight it'll have to go and make him move somebody they just needed -- that's perform the way and both of them after their career. Okay and so were less than two weeks now from the July 31 trade deadline. Not a lot of -- -- open spaces finance would they be buyers sellers or just status quo and let's see if they'll wake up the same time. Well I do you think these next couple weeks are important in the evaluation period especially when it comes to the pitching staff. But -- and rust that -- I'm not coming back in DL too. If those guys pitched well enough I think. That Mike Rizzo will stick with the status -- immediately a minor tweak or two here on the bench for the bullpen but as far as the lineup and rotation goes. I don't think he doesn't think. But if those guys struggle -- struggles and they clearly need another pitcher by July 31 I would not be surprised it was so goes out. And get one and then become the fighter -- -- All right should be an interesting stretch run mark Zuckerman are -- inside thanks so much -- this time. You're up. CSN Washington dot com.

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