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Redskins, Ravens relying on rookie defensive backs



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  2. DeAngelo hall1:54
  3. David Emerson3:25
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Thu, 18 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com team. But he's in camp now -- -- to go to the Ravens and be very good form a look at the fact that we have. There illegal. And okay we also have I'm Pollock gone. I think he was drafted in this position rental drafted that guy to come with sit on the bench I expect him to be a started this year and I expect him to be very well because. When you look at the big one there at the Ravens when they trap somebody we've noted that it's their -- and I think. Played very well last year he had it in developing. These guys who anymore I'll always say flawless second there's felt strong fast -- They're the Ravens have great fans -- this to a lot of demands are liberal but he's going to be thought I think from game we'll what I like about it is that number one. We -- when you're second on the team in tackles and safety. In the SEC would -- gators the guys know for the ball he's not shot -- and I like about McVeigh's team captain. To a guy leadership position -- as a skill guy. Not often the case he's got that and so if Ozzie covered they take him yeah I got football player now how quickly picked up the system they'll have to happen. And I think he's as good red hot before. In the secondary and guys will be cracked a lot or haven't been but I like -- I'm with you. I'm sold on this guy now they say in Israel -- that guy who represents himself as approval -- -- so we'll find out. We'll find out who find out maybe how -- won -- -- and he's a little smaller maybe it will reading here for more -- that a -- me is drafted David I was in his second Latin. This used their first pick on this young man he had unbelievable. -- -- what you're came magazine it was softball. I think he's got fourth in the first in losing years I was out there trying to do everything. Give myself instead of playing within the framework of his defense well for me I think the young man -- would you. But the fact that he has DeAngelo hall of Josh Wilson DJ are bigger and also a positive statement -- In front of him it allows them a chance to go out there that they grow a little bit learn the pro game but for me. I think -- -- he's gonna have to do is go out there and impress the coaches or specialty and get some type of confidence from records get trust some reporters because immaturity that -- he showed it college. Almost cost him. And now he's at the next level is not about just up and up and doing it by yourself is about going out there and say look I'm willing to do anything. But I feel this young man was drafted to be one of the stars in the next year or two and I think if he learned this year you'll be -- -- -- Well you know I look at corners and in Al rookies -- -- rookies to me are a bonus is just like -- remorse. I didn't know it was okay that's a bit when the best in the league so I don't put me stop all rookie they're both guys know occasionally happens great. This kid got torched because he was so dominant picking the ball -- and what do guys do the double mood so that tells me to -- that they wanted to in the film. Because he's got he got that is applicable it was so good. He's not -- guys. What in the high you get the -- he beat you -- use this so you're right he becomes student any game Reid's guys route all god give Tennessee's. Then double move that's just a lack of you studying and allowed the pass rush. As I stated before the pass -- -- the Ravens then we don't have the second there's a good defender great going to be better than at thirty ranked defense against the pass this year. -- they'll come out all of those big guys -- front and I think David Emerson will be a key. That maybe she thought put an end in the years ago maybe -- maybe a guy starts in nickel and again. As we both know this is a game of attrition. One injury is so bully might be thrust it. CSN Washington dot com.

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