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Nationals take over All-Star festivities in New York



CSN Washington dot com -- and -- in the all star festivities this week so let's take a look at some of the highlights. Bryce Harper of course made it to the final round of the derby with a little help from dad -- fans out there we're digging there 'cause at the end of the final round. And B -- Henry was also getting a kick out of Ron Harper or flunking his son. And it was Harper's spiky up feeling sick that impressed AGP 713 Sosa which for anything you didn't. Not to be outdone in the all stars -- apartment Adam Jones splashed these brain Lawrence banks. No word on whether he paired them with the hunting friendly suit jacket he done for the game. Typically everyone was talking about after Tuesday showcase belonged to Manny went shadow. -- gotten out of Paul Goldschmidt in the seventh to mad dog Nancy. Our base was a surprise them because maybe it's been treating jealous fans of that arm all season long. And that's going to be over this -- baseline presenting violence. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Adam Jones0:33
  2. Bryce Harper0:09
  3. Ron Harper0:20
  4. Lawrence0:35
  5. Washington0:02, 1:06
  6. mad dog0:50
  7. suit jacket0:39
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