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What are the Redskins' options at backup RB?



CSN Washington dot com. All the back Redskins nation presented by crop -- tar heel this year is here. On the eve of training camp 2013. First thing you're dodging the media football game for some reason what's wrong with you man. You know I I tried to to get clearance from the boss AKA my wife as he was like you're leaving -- with too crazy children -- you know X seventeen of the next when he days I'm not going early for the flag football I was crushed I was devastated I I mean that was a blast last time it was no law it is pretty good -- I think you scored a touchdown of the game question didn't I know I got her yelled at by Charlie broke bring -- -- he's just good to be for running and I try to make two something out of nothing had way -- actually yelling at you again to sit back -- -- try to make something out about their house on a couple of going the wrong -- -- I would go -- position by position breakdown of the entire roster and if you look at. They'll all these guys that are coming that ninety guys come and where is the biggest logjam in terms of position. It's got to be at running back right I mean we know Alfred Morse is going to be the work horse he's the number one. Then he got two guys in Evan roster and Roy -- Who you know should be able to win a spot them and they just have to two rookies who look like they're pretty capable so we don't know about Chris Thompson enemies coming off an ACL. You know may take him a little bit of time to get to speak as far as the entire offseason program but you know what every time I looked up during the offseason program. On number 47 -- Jamison was doing something right you know now it's hard. To really say how good players in the B -- on the -- in dog training camp in an even before the pads on because. It just don't know with what they got to see a running back but. He looks like he's a gamer I mean he he's hungry he wants that job. And you know there's gonna be -- Someone's gonna leave with a with a broken heart if. Canada about that not only position where someone's gonna leave with a broken heart. And it's gonna be hot as we saw -- our reports from there yesterday and it's hotter today. But if your football team and is getting in condition during the offseason. There's still what they're gonna face these two days afternoon in the heat of the afternoon it is gonna test them. It's certainly good testament -- and as you know I mean Richmond is a good two to three degrees warmer than what we feel appear. I you know as soon be on a lot of humidity and threats of thunderstorms every single day. But it's good I mean it's gonna get the guys who are in out in top condition right now they'll be in top condition. By the end of -- of camp you know it and it helps you should wait I mean if your guys to be put on separate towns it's it's gonna be gone -- to. What triggered plenty of fluids like to say that but what is more anticipated. The arrival of the players on the 24 which would also include physical tests which would also include the clearance of those who have and I think clear get the practice. The actual start of practice on Thursday. I mean from for a media member I think for fans Wednesday's -- be the big day because you're gonna find out who is gonna be able to go a 100% on Thursday -- -- on Wednesday to really go on Thursday -- you're good to go for the rest -- camp in the pre season. And and you can start kind of putting the battles together and had I mean. Every -- looking for Brandon meriwether Fred Davis Robert Griffin the third of course both Josh is our Wilson and Morgan. I think Morgan's refined but obviously you know he's he's coming off bomb on a couple of surgeries. You know there's a host of important players who were gonna to to a very close I don't see where they're at. Finally will you be avoiding -- -- or will you be embracing rich Taylor during these seventeen days together. You know our rich I have a very good working relationship will we actually enjoy each other's company when went down to the -- speak yesterday did some fishing. I you're drove all the way down together to Sullivan's island. But you know it. It looked like any relationship between two men and it's -- -- you get kind of tired of so so that's under the bus like you do fishing for a day. If you know he made me promise that nothing was an apple with RG three yesterday you said -- now you go down to the -- -- -- just speaking to anyone talking about that night well fish but with. Did have that little little yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Absolutely almost seal after a timeout for the fans for the first it's. CSN Washington dot com.



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