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Johnson on Nats' loss to Dodgers: 'That was frustrating'



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Sat, 20 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. The nationals wanted to come out of the all star break on the right foot but Friday night's loss of the Dodgers sure felt like so many losses from the first half. Of the season they got great starting pitching. But squandered a bunch of scoring opportunities early. And that came back to haunt them late. They tried to if it goes on and this horse runs. This though no losses you know he's situation. And military capitalized puts to hopefully income that's Marlin. It's ongoing him scoreless. That was frustrating for me that was we have changed would restore a wild pitch review period. Driving or -- it sort of bad reviews and good to have. It's it's tough it's tough to -- your. The removed the first day or two to the -- are you -- -- Ankle multiple -- to -- -- all the -- there -- we can you give you opportunities. To sort of animal. Stephen Strasburg was solid allowing only Hanley Ramirez's homer over seven innings and battling sweltering conditions. With the heat index a 105 degrees at first pitch now is trying. Drink a lot of -- and stuff and it's much you can. You know I think. My god and flew in from San Diego on -- -- -- 95 mile limit organized and has gone -- thing. -- to shoot the ball game -- they -- mistakes -- my theory was you threw that fastball over the plate he crushed it good to have him. There's good news for us to win what's the biggest difference between 2012. And 2013. For the nationals. The lack of run support. When Strasburg gave up three runs or less last season the nationals went eighteen and four. This year when he gets up three runs or less their five and ten they striking difference. With the nationals mark Zuckerman CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

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