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Should the Wizards change their name back to the Bullets?



CSN Washington dot com number I'm wrong. The Wizards should follow the Bobcats and rebellions. In a name gave them return back. To the glory they've that is the books I'll say this personally. Not a big fan of the bullets name but I think owner certainly offices should have some kind of went home. Sample the fan base and ask them what they think since they are the ones that came before. And I would say -- talk of possible expands Wizards fans I think they wanted -- into the fallen to me I just -- whenever you like. I hated when. Baltimore move when the world when you have a world championship alumni base of people read a lot of pride in some great. Two years and you take that away from there and it is like pull it it's like good. Well right I don't like and again the -- miss some things that -- marketing standpoint they can be done better and I think they're about to get on a run I really believe they're moving this way. That program is moving this way I just think that -- got a putting it takes a year or so to get anyway. I'm glad that the Hornets by the way are going back to Charlotte and I like the pelicans and get their goal with -- you can't have the Jazz because there and you saw what it would make more sense that there of the New Orleans Jazz that. It a name change. In this community going back to that I think would be some positives in his idea and I think ownership should just really touched. The fan base asked them what they think of it and if they want it didn't do it here. Was 80% plus whenever I put it out there you -- -- Twitter people seem like there but we'll find out and that would be good it did. You know he's real active in terms of social media -- the good thing. CSN Washington dot com.



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