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Capitals have difficult season ahead



CSN Washington dot com. The NHL schedule is out for next season and it includes a long break in February for the Olympics in Russia many teams will be holding their collective breaths. In hoping their players won't be worn down or suffer any injuries the league will shut down. From February 9 to the sixteenth or check after the 26 rather. The schedule also has new divisions the Atlantic the central the Pacific and the capitals division. Metropolitan. Here's a look at some of the key. Games one way to open up the season all on the road against the Stanley Cup champion Blackhawks were their banner will likely be raised. Home openers two days later against Calgary. The first clash with Sidney Crosby in the hand -- -- until late November who's who drove returns to DC and the ducks on December 23. And the caps host Detroit at 1230 on Super Bowl Sunday. You're CSN Washington caps insider -- formally on a difficult season ahead in the new look division. Well say what I don't know why they call it the metropolitan division I think a lot of fans would prefer they call you old Patrick division. Rebel -- Philly by time and space. Aka our Carolina I signed and -- not faced Pittsburgh the Rangers pebble Islanders. In Columbus Blue Jackets we're currently. But back and then being in the conference but even note so many people think that will be it -- -- -- -- in order those eighteen. Did not make the playoffs last year Billy did not make it simple didn't make it Carolina and Columbus. So it is going to be tough -- back and is such a lot of people think. We need a real stretch in the schedule that will be a challenge will be the final entry and exit they come back -- a great. The castle at one regain. In 45 days and not face the Boston bruins' re signed in March certainly that is where this singled it will be at the term -- the cap. And let me make this play out in this very. -- -- CSN Washington dot com.



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