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Nats struggle at home, get swept by Dodgers



CSN Washington dot com. After a pair frustrating losses and with -- Clayton Kershaw on the mound for the Dodgers. The nationals needed a dominant performance from Jordan -- on Sunday. Instead they got the worst start of his career seven runs allowed in only two innings setting the stage for a blowout loss took three or four days. From north thrown in the and I -- and I was home a little bit and in. You know lining up back had a few days is through also had plenty enough time thrown in here ready to assist -- isn't there yet. It happens every I think. This game off. Obviously you're on top of the world that have been served and Bjorn so good as confident in the -- come out the next time and in doing his job. And I don't she run on the next time they weren't going to be back to him always. -- where things are far after the break down from -- Ford is -- high. You know since Japanese he's doing good. He's been good since I've been there now. Can raise -- allowed them one million the only silver lining for Zimmerman the stiff neck that has been bothering him for weeks wasn't an issue at all. That's the good news today -- his best he's felt a long time I I just talked to him. You know he just feels like -- The long rest. Didn't have his command. Wasn't sure. But. So that's just he's -- Quite well. Next feels fine everything felt good inches from the time I hung a few sliders two home runs are paying insiders and com you know I didn't make some quality pitches a season and then there's good swings up there there are now on. You know is just one assist. The nationals didn't pitch well on Sunday but they haven't hit in weeks. They scored only five runs in this series and over their last twelve losses they've scored a total of eighteen runs. With the nationals mark Zuckerman CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.



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