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Was firing hitting coach the right move for Nats?



CSN Washington dot com. That's insider mark Zuckerman mark how surprised are you by this. Move given how supportive -- wasn't back well that's the key to I mean there's no bigger supporter ever got Stein and Davey Johnson and to be honest Mike Rizzo. Was a big supporter. As well but the stats don't lie you -- -- 27. In batting average 28. In on base percentage and 29 in runs scored and then after a miserable weekend against the Dodgers where they only scored five runs and getting swept. I've Rizzo decided he finally had to make a decision even though wasn't popular with his players or his manager. Two days arguably the toughest. Baseball. I respect Rick Eckstein I think he's a great. Coach things. Like I said before things went to one that's not the best hitting instruction of baseball. And he's just a great gentleman and a great man. So it hurts partisan kind of professional business and when things don't have on the field someone has to. You know obviously things like this have to happen. You know but tenacity accidents the players -- we're not going and then hitting we're not the ones and score runs in. When it comes onto an old hitting coach pitching coach or whoever can. Do anything about this put us. Rick Jackson was going was FO trust it and is that it's inevitable that this team is going to him we are going to drive in runs as a factor at some point this is going to happen in. You know hopefully it's sooner than later wrote it. Really feeling at the big thing though. Not that hitting coaches are relevant but the players here are prepared enough to where they should -- you know handle themselves on their own. Now whether the change from Rick Jackson Hendrix who makes a tangible difference we'll have to wait and see issue actually won't even be here until tomorrow night. The timing is not particularly good from the nationals perspective because they're not opening up a four game series. With the Pittsburgh Pirates who have baseball's best ERA their best pitching staff so far this season so. Not exactly easy challenge for these guys who haven't yet and all this season and now -- a -- top. CSN Washington dot com.



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