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SportsTalk Live: Can the Nats go on a run?



CSN Washington dot com the Mets did come out strong and I hope. They sparked a match if you will -- a little momentum they can roll into the -- the next game because after the fifth. Based -- -- -- but aggregate win out there today and I think he wanted to prove it when he let someone go. This is -- and we talk Adam Kilgore of the day he stated that if they let -- that's possibly not think what happened tonight they let the coastal and often has this late in the day. But what's the word -- I have not been due to batting coach. Yes there were Jason Ward he's been our -- is where he's been I don't know ropes yet that's the hope they go by I don't think at this level that it getting cold. It's gonna make you better get it done and I don't really look at different different pitches but it makes you look at it that's what you all right now. But this team today what they -- late again I think. We'll -- -- games of the ligament that runs they give up on and the big bodies that advance it got that gets stuffed on first base title he hit a loved one all. And -- harper to take a bag I'll go to see him exerted speaking another bases drag a bunt down. We'll talk about government -- what about his ability to bunt as well you know in the minors he was batting third didn't bunt a lot he's been playing this has Little League. But that's the -- and what do what you gotta do to get runners in scoring position two new guys there on the bag from the -- they've got to get -- -- I if you look at this team you sell -- -- diddly in this game and I think if they can try to carry it over in this series they may come out not like the idea -- -- the Dodgers but is it time. Based that he still have time to turn things around I mean is getting to be late we kept talking about his team was a college so broad field but. The 4851. And you know the -- when you -- that we'll be fine. So you approach this season they play very well -- -- -- to throw -- used field. Believe this this time but do you think you're -- you get a lot out of don't seem to have him -- got to kid harper has got to lead this -- You know we talked about your -- yeah it's a kid he's got. That it would what would you put him as the face of the program. That he got to get a goal that you somebody god give ward credit where I was swinging the lumber. They've got to get the middle of that lineup was a moment harper. And the work they've got a break I mean rent don't has been -- salukis got the catches of them will warm. Now it's time for somebody to be hero they get too -- pedestrians at this point somebody's got to want to take. The responsibility to be a big guy. I think that harbors that guy he's got to swing the bat better but maybe a guy arguments -- every little thing a lot more than just him needs to be a whole team effort. CSN Washington dot com.



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