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Tarik El-Bashir and Brian Mitchell: RG3 is cleared



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Mon, 22 Jul 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Here now are Redskins insider Tarik el -- talk more about this and Hart are you surprised by the timing of this announcement. A little bit caught off guard because you know everyone had expected that on Wednesday. Robert was gonna see doctor Andrews who performed the surgery on his right knee at some point on Wednesday he'd either be given clearance or not well it turns out according to my sources that he was seen by injuries last week and then today in Ashburn Mike Shanahan and the team's doctors put him to a battery of tests on the field at Redskins park. Apparently didn't like what they -- because they gave me clearance he's ready to go for Thursday's practice we're gonna ring and Brian Mitchell from the sports talk live set in just on the -- wanna ask you quickly. If you're Mike Shanahan. How do you manage RG three moving forward do you play in the pre season. Well I wouldn't play him in the pre season I mean you know they're not installing a new offense so he's already very comfortable with on with what they ran last year. In the old there's so many X factors when you get up there in a competitive environment things happen. And in the NFL they happened very fast I wouldn't wanna risk any of that now on from a practice standpoint. As Griffin said this week they're gonna ease him back into things so. I'd imagine probably some time next week ten days he is good going eleven on eleven drills. But I think they're gonna give him time to to get back to. Former Redskins Brian Mitchell is sitting -- sports talk live set image what do you think if you're Mike Shanahan how do you manage RG theory. While I'm gonna make sure I take my time with them I'm wanna be a little more cost and Robert Robert is not a guy were you worried about. Being out there the first game he's he's showing you -- guy wants to be out there was team -- they can't. What you wanna make sure love to be around 51015 years from now. I'm not it's so we're excited about him stands he's rated going to his training camp practice because. When they need to practice little thing to do a 100% a practice. And a lot of people -- -- don't they understand that he may just have to go through portion of the practice I'd definitely be ready to play football so I wanna make sure the 100% to play football williams' influence. Any field not just practice somewhere about when he gets into regular season game -- roughly. Will be rich I know you like the news but you didn't necessarily like the messenger here did not think they're also a point where -- team. And it's it's our medical staff needs to have that authority to go out there that he wants to go out and have a -- where -- -- Robert puts it out there now once you sit at the dot declared Q what look at the Colts at the net. The -- if they were waiting to hear from about the because you just. You talked to doc I think it comes a point where you need to make the player B a player and cultures and the team doctors -- Beatles people. Too many times he's sick stuff throughout the whole offseason let the coaches to let the dogs and a lot of grip and immediately loved. Because the players put -- all got work in the media to. But I also understand the workings of a football team. And I think in this point Robert does a little bit too much he is not more than a quarterback he is not more than that team and he can't win by themselves so. Makes very understanding let you put that message out there and you control how you handle it. A what you pushing -- from that point. -- give back Q and 12 tar. If you're Robert Griffin the third in your 100% going into the season. Can you be as effective as you once were now with two AC else you know I I've talked to a number of experts about that and you know. Modern technology modern medicine has gotten to the point where. Yeah I mean he can be as effective. -- now with some every athlete is different sometimes it takes a matter of months what we -- Adrian Peterson sometimes it takes an entire year that's the question I have is how soon -- we're gonna see the Robert Griffin the 2012. If that's what about you -- are you worried about him being as effective as he was during his rookie season. I'm not worry about him being as effective I think he's the type aptly going to probably get back to that point. But I'll also say calculus modern technology a -- modern medicine has done this is still a human being. And I don't think our -- have -- -- saves -- -- of being that was there before last thought was tough but in the guy's got to play a football today. But but Robert Robert mindset I think it would give him a while most people. If a guy like I have a lot of pain threshold will do better than the other he had agent Peterson both Jackson. Those guys have proven that not many other guys can't so but all for me. I think steal got to take -- time because the got a probably if it is just like a guy like -- arms and get to protect those doubts from themselves they always believe they can do something which is great. You love that attitude but as a coach and as a guy that you know you can make a decision -- that could protect him because sometimes he's not a 100% but he still believe. He has. A -- allow going to be following throughout training camp Brian Mitchell target you know thanks very much. CSN Washington dot com.

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