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Eyes on Richmond: Pierre Garcon a No. 1 WR?



CSN Washington dot com it's been a little over six months the Redskins football is back. As the team heads to Richmond to start training camp we look at the biggest issues face in the stands. Diving right in park held this year who'll emerge as the Redskins leading wide receiver in this ball. You know guys out if there's any question it's going to be here persona mean. There's there's no doubt the impact he has on this team they were nine -- one when he was in the lineup last year of course he missed six games because of that foot injury. Now he also missed the entire offseason program while recovering from a shoulder surgery he didn't get the foot. Operated on the off season but he told me at the end OT -- that he thinks he's gonna be OK that's could be key for the Redskins his health. -- so we know the course on could be the number one and should be the number one for rich Sandler is there anyway Fred Davis emerges as our victories favorite target. You know I I don't think so I would see him just in terms of number of catches. Finishing behind Arsenal on. Maybe nine Josh Morgan and Leonard Anderson. But at I tell you I don't -- I wanna see more numbers out of Fred Davis and one seeing more and more on -- -- more impact on them. I wanna see him catch that big touchdown pass in the fourth quarter you know always -- kind of been become a joke in the press box. It did garbage time as Freddie Davis time you know he's an awful lot of stats. Late in games sure there were out -- they were out of reach one way or the other so you don't catch that big first down on third down I think he needs to make. More memorable play more memorable place not more impact plays and not missile -- worry about. Piling up on statistics she's certainly could be a red zone for sure yes or no question and he's you know he's caught a touchdown pass but again. -- touchdown -- season he can be the guy. He gets open in the big situations. So for Davis you could say that it's more about quality than it is quantity precisely. Got to all of the one thing we definitely know is with RG three quarterback is going to be a lot of passes to catch. On stay with CSN Washington dot com for all your Redskins coverage. CSN Washington dot com.



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