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Tue, 23 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com mark. The nationals made big news on Monday I replacing pitching coach -- X nine and promoting rich you. And amazing like an odd question but. How much does a pitching coach really matter at this level. Well yeah I mean hitting coach first you know these guys are professional hitters have been doing this for a long time and I think a lot there -- players yesterday it was. You know is on us and not really gonna make a difference who is standing there in the dugout but. -- -- is here tonight -- guy didn't find out about the news until too late yesterday so they only got up here in time. For tonight's game he does have a lot of experience 51 year old he played nine years in the big leagues he's also spent nine years as a hitting coach both in the majors. And in the minors his message is pretty simple. For these guys. Stay positive. Don't press don't over think everything just go out there and swing -- -- The aggressive and -- heaters in having a good game plan -- takes anxiety out there were able sold again down I think if we. Go up real confident in boxing and in -- so much pressure on ourselves to where we are staying aggressive and I think that. Enables us to be in position slowed him down and there was sick with success that it gets a bit -- Now the decision. To fire next time was entirely Mike Rizzo stated Johnson was strongly opposed to it. And didn't hide his feelings on Monday. That led to some speculation about the relationship between the manager and GM but Johnson today try to clear that up. -- -- -- -- get them military mentality. You know. And then go to -- I care. There's still a great deal of respect for who have some things for the better June can base all of these little. We don't have to always agree on everything. I know next time was his guy and and her me I mean and I know Rick have been positioned us make you -- your heart and -- something and -- -- you know what. This I get enough that this is tough to understand what Davey went through a brick and Anderson Rick's going throughout and there's tough. But you know the game goes on and you know -- Happy to be here no -- that the single. Now as much attention as we've -- been giving to the nationals hitting woes are some pitching question marks too. And that includes Ross -- -- who has been out since the beginning of the month with a stiff lower back and it's not getting any better. And out doubt -- is flying out to Los Angeles to have that back examined by a specialist a guy who. Performed surgery on Rob Gronkowski and the Patriots not too long ago so I get another. Not so good development for the nationals who are gonna have to figure out a lot of things here over the final two plus months of the season guys. -- nationals insider CSN Washington dot com mark Zuckerman mark thanks very much thank you. CSN Washington dot com.

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