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Nats drop another, continue tumble down standings



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Wed, 24 Jul 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. They've lost five straight and ten of twelve and they're now four games under 500 for the season. But the nationals at this point say they can't do anything except keep battling. And hope that their luck changes before it's too late -- to a snake Rivers. Things are going. We're going to -- so. Please do we've finally winning dammit. You know so -- is really no one else went in or so. You know cliche of sinister and it's just one day at a time obviously that. When did you know fullback. A little bit and and I put things in perspective. This is a baseball is though you know you get the ball or is that. Tomorrow -- And they know you come up next have been expecting a broken bat single you know it's just how it is not -- games owning. It's obviously not thrown -- way right now but you know some sort of close enough that we from around. Despite the overall struggles there have been some bright spots from young players like Taylor Jordan one Tuesday pitched into the eighth inning for the first time in his. Brief career to listen to -- had a close game revenue is needed the bullpen was in shambles. And I. Did a great job deserves better this is good since you've been out here. There has grown. Is learn as he goes. There's in some on the job training but. There's a good stuff. It's you know it's good could go to Fisher. You know I'd love to get a first when I really wanted the wind today. Because we needed it Tom. -- yeah I'd love to have. -- celebrated one time if there's a silver lining for the Mets it's the fact that the breeze continued to struggle so they've only lost one game in the standings. Then again the Braves might not be the biggest concern right now after Tuesday's loss and that's lead the fourth place Mets by only two games. With the nationals mark Zuckerman CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

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