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Eyes on Richmond: Can London Fletcher still produce?



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Wed, 24 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Since 2007. London Fletcher has been heart and -- redskins' defense the last year we saw Fletcher stats dipped a little bit. And -- summer start to wonder if age is finally catching up to the sixteen year veteran. Checking Finley here rhetorical this year and rich Chandler these guys are gonna answer some questions for us so rich what are the skins expected from number 59 this year what. There's two things a London Fletcher brings to your team he brings leadership that's the main thing that we know that that's not gonna go anywhere you'd be out there at age 65. And still be the leader of the defense. But you know it is is playing making is is the other thing you know he a lot of missed tackles last year. Had some issues the team had big issues covering opposing tight end he got targeted by opposing quarterbacks a lot last -- the -- exactly and -- it's a sign that you know that -- -- -- everybody -- London -- but. They're gonna they're and they're gonna economist with -- -- itself I think you know I think we have to -- you have to be really careful you know eventually he's -- he's thirty years old. You know -- -- to have that kind of slowed down hill decline is inevitable. Or -- going to be playing at a fairly high level then drop off a cliff we don't know the Redskins and have to watch for that. Shore and I mean that's just such a huge question for the defense but target another question is if if woman does fall off a bit from other players there that can emerge and step into his spot. You know I think the next inside linebacker up is going to be Keenan Robinson remember when one thing got hurt in the latter stages of last season with the ankle. I Keenan went in and filled in form and did very well you know he earned those snaps. I think the team was very excited about how well he was playing the problem is like a lot of young players -- -- suffered a season ending injury. You know he -- I tore -- pectoral muscle -- -- injury very similar to what -- Iraq and the linebackers from Texas here's -- it -- very -- a lot of -- -- -- those -- yeah so you know he -- got -- make up for -- -- time he was taps in for pretty much the entire offseason program -- that halted some of his development he's still a guy that they believe -- -- they -- will eventually succeed London Fletcher. But like I said he's gonna have to make up for some lost time. Well like anything in pro football you got to earn it on your heart of folks what's gonna have a -- London want to find out. Thank you very much for tune in and stay with CSN Washington dot com for all your Redskins coverage. CSN Washington dot com.

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