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Fletcher: 'Scratched and clawed my whole career'


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Wed, 24 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. 100 dealt with sister in the offseason but it's now going to be a -- contract again -- you think about the future at this point whether or not this be the end of it here. Not not a not really you know. Really a National Football League you're always on lashes you contract for the most part he knows. It's just nature of the business. You gotta. I mean I'll I'll scratch and claw my whole career you know I came in as undrafted free agent. So I was on last year Mark -- sixty years ago who really bigger bodies up. It's not is not something that that's been a lot of time with them focus on this season. Led led that's that's pretty much in and in none of -- take care of yourself. CSN Washington dot com.

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