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RG3 on his mindset post ACL surgery



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Wed, 24 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com and my mom is not the must've left to prove. That's where you have to approach the game when you're coming off an injury. If you pass the test and you and your mind you feel like you're ready and ready to go. And you know for me didn't 200%. Is getting back out there on the field I get out there with the guys -- can football like movements that you can't mimic those you can't mimic. Instincts you know when a guy has passed session you know you can't really limit what you can do you can say you're gonna step up and slide to the right but sometimes you don't do that sometimes you do some different. So that's what I gotta get back to doing out there on the football field and and I think gradually throughout. You know that the training camp and the rest of pre season on their backs and -- a year ago. I mean you know -- -- -- -- the goal is longevity in the league and also wanna win. And so as a quarterback you know on the I don't like to informants you can't win outside the pocket and you can't announce on the target is going to be Smart about it. And that's that's what I learned. Over the past six months about myself. It's about what we need to do to win you know maybe that's keeping me in the pocket all the more. Maybe that's you know on the ball away a little bit more slime. Doing all those things that are necessary. Because of -- the second game of the season. You know I think -- truth you know how tough time and you know the hard that I have on the football field my teammates know that. But the second game of the season it's no concern for comment and I got two yards might just out of bounds -- slide if I have to. Suitable only get that those those two yards on the necessarily have to think in well I think now. CSN Washington dot com.