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Wed, 24 Jul 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Tomorrow the -- is going to make this announcement to land swap like DC united it is being content for years to multiple owners has try to get introduced and have been playing in rfk stadium the old -- the senators in the Redskins that's really just dilapidated. And it's certain to leave and now it looks like there's a deal in place that would. This city would swap meet a current as city own building to developer who -- this land. Well across the street from the nationals ballpark. -- -- the city would get that -- allowed the stadium the team to build the stadium there DC united it would take to build -- 150 million dollar 25000 seat stadium on that -- and again it in exchange developer would get a building yet to be determined -- in the city this makes the whole deal worth about 300 million dollars. But it really insulates DC taxpayers. -- and he caught us and of course DC packed Texas ticked up to 600 to two million dollar -- to build nationals ballpark. And that was a big controversy here so that has kind of -- the stumbling block all these years in getting DC united stadium. Well we certainly remember. Those arguments very well mark. What led to this a point where they actually realized they could do a land swap. Well this is actually been the brainchild of -- DC council member Jack Evans who was actually epicenter of the baseball deal as well. And what he -- put together with that landowners is that you know deep seeded when Manning out of pocket expense. And it's decision time DC has a few buildings have become antiquated. And and somewhat. Access there's a police headquarters. There's another government office building on re on the -- building down on fourteen to use street. And these are building is that don't generate revenue for the city. That are in need of tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars in long term repaired. So they've been kind of looking to dump them anyway and this is kind of a win win for everybody the developer -- -- rebuilding. Of prime real -- that they can develop on their -- it's that that will then -- tax revenue as much -- ten million dollars a year in tax revenue for the city in exchange the -- gets this land right across the street from that's ballpark that they can allow the stadium to be built on the team gets -- free land and they get to -- seeing him -- paper that all along the team -- thought -- multiple owners of the team in the past success -- -- to -- -- Says they'll put up 150 mil to build that stadium. And it looks like a win win for everybody in the team's days in DC and that's what's really been important to a lot of people visit DC united very very popular here in Washington. Mark was -- talk about parking is I know when that's part of being discussed and there was a big hullabaloo about the lack of parking was there Ernie talk about parking for the stadium. Well certainly that will be key and you know -- -- -- Washington Post parking as one of the most hot button issues here because there's just not enough Favre didn't you know we're going to -- that's park -- lot of partying around it and so there is already parking in that area. Certainly that would have to be consideration that you have to remember this is. Right on a metro stop there's also water -- that services that from Maryland and Virginia so and it's right across the bridge to -- major bridge in many major terps are coming into -- to -- be a lot of a multi mode of transportation options for people like -- into this stadium -- -- -- these -- the details that have to be hashed out and park you'll certainly be one of those. One of those issues it has to be ironed out. CSN Washington dot com.

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