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Shanahan explains his training camp plan for RG3



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Wed, 24 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Going to be very cautious with a we're gonna get back in football shape. How that's gonna occur will be day by day we'll just evaluate as time goes on. But it makes you feel that good that he's worked as hard as he has to put himself in position where that. You say cautious I mean what we see him in the pre season games you know he's gonna wanna plant. Well we're gonna do first lectures in football shape he can't talk about a pre season game or regular season game until you watch him develop. We know that he's in position now to do football related drills to -- and -- -- a lot more sense of urgency than he did was going through treatment. How we are confident in team situations. Initially just keep that -- you know it's gonna take some time. People understand when you practice. You practice and game type speed so when you practice it just like playing game. It's not like practice is different playing an appreciation day you wanna put him in that situation until he's ready. As a yard lob to go to play well -- minute to play and that's a problem -- you ones you want players don't -- play. And if they got that double mindset you've got -- that -- -- we surprised by experts so called experts and fans their reaction to. Robert going down. No I've been here before you know I've been -- good players and you understand when serious injury -- somebody does go down. You always look at yourself and not only with Robert and different things that happened during the year you always -- looking back can you make the right decision. He -- again you make the same decision. Another different things where you talk to different people intelligent player you talk to doctors and at the end of the day what's over so we can't do anything about it. What that experience teach you. Or did teacher and you know why learn every year and I think they've reviewed a number of those situations you know this year. We got talent on this record Liechtenstein -- here personal. Playing a different scenarios throughout the year. Put him at the end to end it really doesn't make a difference what you're trying to do is make sure your communication level with the players. Are as good as it can be. Players got to be honest with you got -- hustle players players girl coaches girl. And you know that's what you look for you looking for honesty -- what can. For that all the different positions and as you grow as a staff. I'm looking for his football team. CSN Washington dot com.