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Should RG3 play in the preseason games?



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Wed, 24 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. -- as -- bring back Shawn Springs Trevor managed guys is it Smart. For the Redskins to sit Robert Griffin the third out of these. For pre season games. I think so. Mean now because obviously is about longevity. One thing you heard about what Robertson is and he he has to experience because he went to a before. He is a stud athlete when you look out study dictionaries -- of -- Robert Griffin the third in that and I think that. You know those pre season games you get a lot of reps in practice and you're ready go. We won if they want. He's competitive. Almost to a fault as we saw -- Trevor will he be able to sit there and watch these games especially that third pre season game and not feel like I need to just get some rest. So absolutely not. People being desperate to go to -- -- hide his helmet at the height issues -- the other burger what you like we get to run out on the field. The thing is though it is Smart for them to do this because part of the reason for training camp is to get yourself into football shape. And especially when you're coming back from an injury a knee injury like RG three's. You don't get. Back into football shape by just doing weight room exercises and and controlled drills you've got to eventually cut in very explosive unpredictable ways. Under load while somebody's pushing on you. We don't want that to happen too early which could happen in a pre season game because he's exposed for the course. In practice they're able to control what he does they're able to control what kinds of drops and that's how you were vs -- The handoff and different kinds of running plays and they could escalate. That stress on his -- under control. Which they would not have that they play. CSN Washington dot com.