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Shanahan has assembled a squad of consummate pros



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  4. Adam Carriker2:30, 2:37
  5. Fred Davis1:25
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  9. knuckle heads0:34
  10. franchise quarterback0:30, 1:39
Wed, 24 Jul 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. -- We just heard there from Mike Shanahan talked about the trust factor he has to have with -- Robert in terms of the medical if the guy's hurt he's got to be honest about it. What do we make of coach Shanahan era so far three years in this being his fourth. You know I think entering his fourth here yeah it's pretty clear -- got the program headed in the right direction. The other coming off an NFC east championship. He's got hey our franchise quarterback he's got a franchise running back. He's weeded out a lot of the knuckle heads that used to always brings drama around this team you know there are no more Albert Haynes works. And one thing I don't think he gets enough credit for is he is teams. Culture around this team this team now goes into games expecting to win that's not something you can say about the past few years. Tarzan viral quick solemn to get your reaction to what charges said there about changing the culture it's kind of like a buzzword of professional sports have been rewarded. In a new regime comes in and talks about that what does that mean when you when a player he years. Someone like to say the culture changed. Well obviously there -- there -- situations that they needed to change is Albert Haynesworth -- they've won. The Donovan McNabb come and bring it I was I was little skeptical about Donovan McNabb decision to bring him in twenty and they try to change and didn't say it worked out but. Obviously as you look at the team with the young talent and depth they had now on it and managing god like Fred Davis in draft and RG three who he is tied to the hip quit. The culture has changed and they show last year so I think. Last year and this year is really what we've done just -- can handle. Trevor would you agree with that assessment that this coaching staff is tied to the of this franchise quarterback it really is I think last year. Mike Shanahan and offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan did a masterful job coaching. In allowing those skiing to change to fit what Robert Griffin the third does best now. Defensible -- just that this year that wanna protect him even more this year than they did last year. And so how they go forward with that I think will be a big part of how we look at the success of the Shanahan regime. But they have shown the willingness and the capability. Of making those adjustments and those changes too often coaches you have a system and they force everyone did. Deal part of that system regardless of what their talents -- this is how I do I'm the coach well instead of doing that what the Shanahan did was OK here's my talent. How best to get that talent on the field and that bodes well for the future. Indeed it does start let's bring you back in here. I understand you have some news on Adam Carriker and it's not really good news for him is it. It's not good news I was told by a source earlier today that Adam Carriker we'll have yet another surgery on his right leg. You remember he tore the quadriceps tendon. Right above his right knee. In week two last year he's already had a surgery to correct the first time and then he had a set back sometime around January during rehab had another surgery and now he's gonna -- have get a third surgery. He is gonna start the pre season on the pup list which I think we all expected. But there's no word on when he's in the back and that's a blow to the defensive lines that. You know this that this is a unit that struggled to get some pressure on the quarterback last year Jarvis Jenkins replaced Carriker didn't get a single sack last year they were hoping Carriker was gonna come back and put some pressure on not Jenkins and also allow. Our defensive coordinator Tim has looked to rotate in his odd defensive whiny he likes to get to get them a break. Throughout easily can stay fresh that's not gonna happen right now is character that's definitely an impact when you look at trying to get some pressure. On the quarterbacks are publisher John the slot from Richmond -- thanks so much error by me she gonna CSN Washington dot com and check out his story. CSN Washington dot com.

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