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John Wall, Wizards closing in on new contract



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Wed, 24 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. -- Well my impression news exactly what I expected. Last week in Washington. Talks had gone we prepare story. In it and -- -- -- agent. Ernie right now the president it was. But hectic and talks we were in the -- -- is. During its normally. So. It all along you instance everywhere I also refused to Washington dot com that. You know it looked like the puck went toward him back Eagles in when you listen to -- over it -- -- Is it back in April. To me -- law later. The Washington -- it -- on. An actual what so he took it right on the -- So. John Wall wants a Max deal the team wants to give him a Max deal why does it take so much time to get to this point. Well I mean actually there's a little bit along pretty quickly they have until October 30 so I mean if you look at the ways it was a good move through free agency -- locked up. All -- free. Agency. You know obviously they want -- -- -- all that was a no brainer and it. So I think they're actually moving at a pretty rapid taste good when you look at comparison how important market it to the Denver -- -- it until October 30. The locked -- Ty Law system must deal. So I actually do lose it will be. A lot faster than most people in there trying to get distinct we were training -- start that the. And is that because this is such a necessity for this team I mean they know. They have to keep this guy here. Yeah I mean it's kind of you know at this point -- pot tested who when it comes to general. They've already put so much instantly become the face of the -- you know in the playoffs. Says he is strapped to Oral Roberts out and keeping this team is on the right path in life being in the net sort of you're just not. That's all it give you need an extension at this point. -- you're looking at building an all or for that he would not be proposition. With that the answer. Yeah we certainly don't wanna see that again. Appreciated that from. CSN Washington dot com.

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