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Wed, 24 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. After years of searching for a new site negotiating -- wrangling with Maryland Virginia and the district -- CDC united finally have a solution for any stadium. Just steps away from Nationals Park and southwest DC thanks to some creative thinking about the DC City Council. Here's a look at the rendering of what the new stadium it looked like that gorgeous and just blocks from that far from beautiful 25000. Seat stadium dedicated to soccer. And joining me now is NBC four's mark sea graves who was the first to break this story so mark. First tell me how this deal came to fruition. -- this has been in the works for years you know DC united had since day one has wanted to get out of rfk stadium. And now through three mayors say they've they've tried to do it but this seems to be the deal on the deal that has been in the works. Is -- a deal that would include. The district doing a land swap they would give. Prime piece of DC realistic it's owned by the this government is likely to Reeves building which is it fourteen to use street northwest. To the development company acreage that Jones most of the land needed near buzzard point which is right across the street from nationals ballpark. Either be some cash involved as well and in the district would -- at the rest of the Parcells. Which are owned by. Mark kind of guy who owns a castles. Tennis team. And -- go to power company on some land down there so there's a lot of moving parts here but. The district would assemble all those Parcells through land swap. And then provide a long term -- to DC united DC united repaid to build the stadium. About a 25000 seat stadium again right across street and that's ballpark. So mark it. What does this mean for DC taxpayers how much are they going to be on the -- Well that's that is the million dollar question because you'll recall win this city built -- ballpark and spent about 700 million dollars in in tax dollars. Council members who voted for were voted out of office after that. -- people ran on platform saying that they would never have have have done that we saw DC council members who have never set foot in that ballpark. So that's still very sore issue for taxpayers here. The upside is the district is swimming in money they they have a surplus year after year. Economically the district is really on the rise and that puts the city in a really financially good position. To make the case the other side this is that the building that the district would give up. Whether it's the -- building or police headquarters. These -- buildings that are antiquated. They need hundreds of millions of dollars every -- and they can they be generate no revenue for the district right now because they're government office buildings. You'd be converted. Into either retail end or a residential use. And that would begin to reduce tax revenue and bring more people on the district they say that to be at least ten million dollars a year in tax revenue there. So their goal for politicians. Is to be minimized the financial impact on DC taxpayers. And I and it looks like this is the deal they can do that while Marc thanks so much for your insight anchor -- reporting on the story okay thanks for having. CSN Washington dot com.

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