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Expect plenty of competition on the o-line during camp



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Wed, 24 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com yeah. What do you look at for practice kicks -- you've got to walk through the morning you've got the full -- -- first does it doesn't I guess. Yeah -- I think there that this -- union get them three days kinda mini camps all -- okay put the pads on on Monday. Not just to be out there you're running plays and. Let's look at some of -- position groups that we've been. Showing our Redskins nation fans over the last couple weeks first of all offensive lineman fifteen linemen at. Made the trip to Richmond Virginia how many make the trip back to Mashburn. Probably nine perhaps ten. Depending on how they have this sort things out. Connect your five starters. Like you know what what Mike Shanahan likes his guys for the flexible so those those 45 Baghdad. We need to be able to play more than one spot along the -- healthy guy like Maurice hurt from right guard and tackle. Yeah Adam -- and Revis to play guard and center so you know the more flexible you can be the better chance you have of. Now is these starting offensive line a foregone conclusion the offensive line last year of course -- team. To be number one rushing the football there are some guys that really stepped their game up last year I thought impressively. Is it a done deal at the same five start. I think it's not a out why -- changes the other one question mark people have -- Columbus kind. It's definitely a year ago to right that day for training camp we thought Jammal Brown can be the starter at right tackle. Turns out he's he's running out running conditioning right before. It's a hip injury Columbus steps in and really plays first tackle he'd be played out right tackle. We on on a consistent basis so it was Californians went along got better -- -- I certainly think he deserves. It's his job. Lose -- look at the running back position as the Redskins go -- and draft two running backs Jamison out rockers and of course but Chris Thompson out of Florida State. But Thompson coming back from that knee injury you'll wait and see if he is ready to go with really no attention paid his other injured players about their status. As we heard Robert the other day got cleared to practice but nonetheless. I saw Roy -- today and he was all business a guy that's got a fun -- side to him and I believe he thinks he's got to work his butt off to make the team as -- -- roster. As does anybody can -- this -- -- yes it's been done if you're sitting there and spent the year on injured reserve most of the year on injured reserve. And you get you guys very familiar position that if you don't get a wake -- call -- -- yeah you know you're you know you can't hear the -- I guess there. Herself. Yak yards than it is for -- to founded obviously out remorse number 1234. Well for -- -- they could -- money for running backs probably close to ground -- -- earlier in the fall back though so we'll see how -- that. -- they keep holding and Thompson both. Same kind of fast. That's Katzenbach. Notes Mike Shanahan and rolled out a certain way. I was right Alou has been banged up a little bit so his durability is going to be tested in this training camp but let's talk about what we've. Come here to see at Richmond Virginia and we got here couple days ago you've seen. Some of our guided tours of this beautiful facility but this is the first time it's I guess training camp ready. In the lines are on the field and in their expected a huge crowd opening day more on that a little bit later in the show opening day on Thursday the first day of practice. They said he couldn't be done. They're all -- last minute preparation that affect your seed swept the paint -- paid lawyers say it is actually. Well you better watch out let's look at memorial shortstop with the but yeah I mean -- It's going to be good to see I'm sure they'll be bumps along the way is to actually go through it. Come on his organization and this city -- Goal will be to get a little better. Every day and a little bit better every year. Think it's gonna have to be flexibility on everybody's part in terms of their schedule you just don't know the traffic's a -- like because we never had a thing like this in Richmond Virginia. Am one of the most important members of the staff here is the meteorologist. And the locals of course. No this weather pretty well but it's unpredictable the one thing you can't predict is late afternoon thunderstorms this time a year. Yeah you know I literature for twenty years -- saying was I feel like the weather just wait a minute it's gonna change on. And yet another afternoon thunderstorm so that they're gonna happen. Gonna have to deal with -- figure out again you never know sometimes it passed through via California an eventful rivals. Around and that they got -- else's stuff smells. On the the elements are what they are mobile mobile. CSN Washington dot com.

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