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Trent Williams impressed with new training camp facility



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  2. Robert Griffin2:08
  3. Robert Morris1:12
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  6. Outstanding player2:30
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Thu, 25 Jul 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. The little guys here -- -- Williams coming off a ball all season they want more this year but first time you step foot on this new practice field. First time you've been Richmond first time the fans have been here -- -- feel like. A very I'm a we know we got some of the most loyal fans in the world. You know refuted a great city great now. Come up with -- -- was taken and we'll have a very. Surprised by the beauty of this facility and how -- Have reminds us how you thought -- looked. I think -- anybody you know could -- windows doesn't. Just to be. There's some very nice we're. We'll be your football team having been in the facility at Redskins park all year long and that kind of a quiet confidence that. What you guys did last year was something you can build on what your thoughts on the. Yeah I think that's -- this civilized bird you know -- we got a very young team we had everybody back you know I was. You can only get better so -- -- matches this is good about what kind of division. We can't get better than number one Russian. And I you can't -- the numbers can get better and -- go what kind of record breaking season for Robert Morris. Because Greg another food a when you look forward to him but I mean that's again awaits at the thing is a little bit different view it. Did that mean different I mean we -- then about votes. They know come with proper offense through some is -- -- -- very -- it came off a great here. Really really. All the way to the very end. What happened after that playoff game I love this man's attitude I love the way he handles himself. But what are your goals this year what are you working on Byrd drove Williams to get better. I was down wanna be better than last year how many a league game to that tonight. How play ended -- nobody. Friday fits me now I'll say about to a lot of six A yeah I love how did is so bright in got to really play as well thus Soledad so. I -- be better than last year. That the risk taker was so. How does the team feel about Robert Griffin the third and all the attention he gets so I mean he is in the spotlight Donald how he does and he really handles it well. There are a lot of you guys look from outside I didn't say I can't imagine what that would be like what do you think about them. A man out on the hands of to a better person and off like he he deserves. Every bit of attention that he did some -- brigade. Outstanding player on the field you know so I'll send teammate I think you deserve all of them ready. It gives with a delayed you know and what -- get through. You know bit I think he deserves it. But it still would -- the value of you have the same thing you have offensive line that is the same group. Everybody talks about competition but if it were to end up with the same spot start this season. And the advantage that guys. Positive event and tonight we come out of the continuity there we've played we've the flu. Two and a half three years so. I mean it's gone has got to be great to have all five back and now -- we've seen this would be. They -- body -- for you. Well yes hello little bit -- -- on the show though a little bit. -- not -- book on the -- Are you found somebody -- imagine the burden it's brought this program has. Love traveling and we know we're in your corner and 24 hours a day want to have a great season when it comes to camp. This will be fun but I was a little bit like Groundhog Day I don't think -- the same. He's definitely everyday but as best I can do have. He's -- familiar left trees everywhere you are good men don't you know I appreciate your go to man. So if you walk through the door residents but I know how to get along with you. CSN Washington dot com.

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